Special Instructions for 1000 Day Calendar Farms

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1,000 day calendar farms must take care to configure their farm correctly.  To set your farm up for the 1,000 day calendar take the following 2 steps:


Step 1.

Configure your farm to use day numbers by unchecking the use dates check box in the farms configuration as seen below(see Configure This Farm).

PigSMART Configure Farms Use Dates


Step 2.

Be certain that your calendar is generated correctly.  Specifying a prefix is very important when

The PigSMART® system allows you to configure groups. Groups are commonly thought of as "breeding groups."


A Breeding Group is usually a 7 day period or one week, but can be defined as some other number of days to fit your particular operation.



Groups can be defined to match the operating weeks in your barn. For instance you can create groups from  Sunday-Saturday or from Saturday-Friday, etc. Most people would define it as a week of the year.

Week 25 in year 2005 may thus be defined as 200525 (yr/week).

So group 200525 or group 25 could refer to the group of animals bred in the 25th week of the year.

If you wanted to run the Breeding Management Report for the animals bred in week 25 using the example above you would run it for group 200525.



Groups can be defined consecutively as well.  This way, you can create a numbering system that is not limited to one year.

Every group number could thus increment by 1 regardless of the year.

Every time you generate a new calendar you would have to set the Begin Sequence Number to be the next number based on the last Sequence Number from the previous calendar.


Go to the PigSMART® Tools menu from the main menu to automatically generate a calendar and define your groups.


From the Tools screen, Click on "Generate Calendar" in the list on the left.

The following screen will display:


The following example are parameters to create a calendar for the sequence year 12.
This calendar will create groups of 7 days each.
Each group name will be prefixed with "Seq 12 Week " to indicate the sequence number and follow with a two digit sequence number.
Note the Begin Day Numbers and End Day Numbers start with the sequence number for the this set of 1000 days.  This is because each day number must be unique.  If 08/05/2004 falls on day 1 for sequence 12 and 11/08/2001 falls on day 1 for sequence 11 they may NOT both be day number 1.  This is why the sequence number is important and must be included in the Begin and Ending Day Numbers.

PigSMART Tools Generate 1000 Day Calendar 1

Click on Generate to generate your calendar.
When it completes, you can exit the Tools menu.
From the Configuration screen, Click on "Calendar" in the list on the left.


The following screen will display:

Note how each Group name consists of the "Group Name Prefix" and a sequence number starting with 1.
Note how each group consists of 7 days as indicated in the "Nbr of days in a group" value.
Note the Begin Day Number and End Day Numbers in the Calendar Configuration below signify the day numbers associated with each group.
Note the calendar below is valid until Sequence 13.  If you are using a 1000 day calendar you MUST have a calendar generated for any date in which you will add information before you enter anything for those dates.


PigSMART Tools Generate 1000 Day Calendar 2

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